Salt is essential to life. We cannot live without it. Therefore, the need for salt has shaped the history of the human race.

Over time, the technology for producing salt and the range of its uses have developed dramatically. This calls for an expanded focus on the science and technology of salt. In order to capture new developments more coherently, salt industry leaders and scientists developed international World Salt Symposia.

The World Salt Symposia represent the international gathering of scientists from all regions of the globe. These meetings have comprised presentations and papers that cover every issue of the salt sector. The papers address the topics of geology, mineralogy, geochemistry and tectonics of salt.

The mining papers cover dry mining, geophysics, rock mechanics, solution mining, cavity construction and underground storage.

Solar salt production papers embrace the subjects of solar evaporation, thermo-evaporation, seawater desalination and by-products of solar operations.

The important areas of nutrition, water conditioning, winter maintenance and the environment are also included.

The meetings and the papers represent the latest thinking and concepts regarding the occurrence, origin, properties, technology and uses of salt and related materials.

All previous symposia are listed below chronologically. Papers from the World Salt Symposia are in the Previous Symposia section and below each symposium page is hyperlinked for your convenience.
◾First Symposium on Salt: Cleveland, Ohio in May 1962
◾Second Symposium on Salt: Cleveland, Ohio in May 1965
◾Third Symposium on Salt: Cleveland, Ohio in April 1969
◾Fourth Symposium on Salt: Houston, Texas in April 1973
◾Fifth International Symposium on Salt: Hamburg, Germany in April 1979
◾Sixth International Symposium on Salt: Toronto, Canada in May 1983
◾Seventh International Symposium on Salt: Kyoto, Japan in April 1992
◾Eighth World Salt Symposium: The Hague, Netherlands in May 2000
◾Ninth Symposium on Salt: Beijing, China in September 2009
◾Tenth Symposium on Salt: Park City, Utah in June 2018