First Salt Symposium

First Symposium on Salt: Cleveland, Ohio in May 1962

These papers were presented at the Symposium on Salt sponsored by the Northern Ohio Geological Society at its May 1962 meeting held in Cleveland, Ohio. The subject of this symposium was particularly timely in view of the the significant advances that had recently been directed not only at developing and characterizing new processes, but also at a fundamental understanding of salt and salt deposits. This was the first symposium on salt ever held within the United States of America and it differed markedly from other meetings in that it extended beyond the industrial and commercial areas. Five major areas of salt technology were embraced – geology of evaporates, mining, evaporated salt, solution mining, and underground storage. For the above reasons, this symposium developed into one of national interest and scope, and was attended by over 380 geologists, miners, briners, and other technical personnel, from 28 states, Mexico, England and four Provinces of Canada.

We thank the Northern Ohio Geological Society, the editors—A.C. Bersticker, K.E. Hoekstra and J.F. Hall—and the other members of the publication’s committee, Mr. D.R. Richner, Dr. J.A. Cain and Mr. T.H. Hawisher, for their enormous and successful efforts. Special appreciation, as well, is due the Ferro Corporation, Diamond Alkali Company, Western Reserve University, and Kent State University for their support in all phases of this work.